For a long while, there have been a couple of anomalies when studying a map of UK based escape games. Those anomalies are Wales, which (as far as this site knows) doesn’t have a single escape room, and, until recently, East Anglia. Things are changing though – at least for East Anglia. Following on from news of the imminent opening of Cambridge Escape Rooms, Norwich is set to become the venue of the regions first permanent escape room. Cryptic Escape is open for bookings today! The first game available is “The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted” – a popular offering from Hungarian game designers, Mazebase. Additional rooms, currently under construction, are The Steampunk Explorer and The Treasure of Green Beard. The price per game is £40 for a team of two and £10 for every extra player.

Cambridge Escape Rooms is set to open imminently, bringing escape games to the west of the region. More news on this will follow. Puzzle Room has the honour of being East Anglia’s first escape room. The game travels from town to town, and sets up in village halls and other venues. As far as we know, these are the only 3 escape games in the region! Not many, but still 3 more than the whole of Wales!

If you know of an escape game in East Anglia or Wales, please get in touch.

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