Mystery Cube – London, England

After experiencing my first ever escape room in Budapest, I arrived back home in the UK with a taste for more. Following some online investigation, I noticed that the newly opened Mystery Cube in London was offering a discount for early birds and as such I promptly booked a slot.

A week later, with my newly assembled escape room squad – a previous team mate and three escape room virgins – I arrive on an industrial estate just outside of London. Finding the place is a bit of a struggle initially, but a short phone call later, we’re inside and scratching our heads. Could this unassuming office really be home to an exciting escape room experience?

While we wait for the previous team to finish (we have arrived early it seems), our very friendly and enthusiastic hosts provide us with our brief. The Mystery Cube has arrived without warning, with no indication as to why it is here or where it has come from. Our job will be to explore the cube, unlock its inner secrets and escape within 60 minutes, before it becomes unstable in space and time. The scene is set.

The cube/room itself is relatively cosy (for any more than 5 people, it might be a little claustrophobic), but boasts many different puzzles and tasks. It has been made on a smaller budget compared to some other escape rooms, but more than makes up for this with the number of puzzles, many of which have been hand made. The set up is quite open, which allows each member of the team work in a different area, calling out clues or codes as they are discovered, without treading on each other’s toes.

We complete the room in 45 minutes and are informed that we’ve set a new record, ensuring an extra smug team photograph. On the journey home we discuss the Mystery Cube at length and recount our own personal experiences, all of which are positive and all of which are different. This, in my opinion, is the sign of a good game!

Despite being a little less polished and not as centrally located as some of the other London sites (although it is within walking distance of a station), the Mystery Cube was an immensely enjoyable experience and just goes to show that you don’t need the big bucks to create a top notch game.

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