We have some great prizes to give away courtesy of Hidden Rooms, London.


2 x group ticket for Room#1: Prison Break (3-5 people)
2 x group ticket for Room#2: Chain Reation (3-5 people)

About Hidden Rooms, London

Our company the Hidden Rooms Limited was established in 2015 and our goal is to entertain the people who visit us. Our games are a recreation and cultural activity which can be joyful for youngsters and seniors as well. We open our gates for all kind of guests on June 1st 2015. We are waiting for everybody who is interested in having fun. The staff of Hidden Rooms London are a creative group. We would like to present a range of challenges to our visitors. An escape game is the best way to provide this possibility, that’s why we went on to build this exciting game. Our staff proudly introduce this adventurous and challenging game for you. We remain at your entire disposal any time.

We have two different rooms:

Hidden Rooms, London


Foreign country, foreign place! It seemed to be a great party with friends, but then something went wrong. Suddenly they woke up in a jail. You know that you are not guilty you are still life imprisonment judged. No other act in your head but how to have the guards on and escape from captivity. You have to hurry, since no more than 60 minutes are at your disposal and the cell door closes behind you forever. Riddle the puzzles, open the padlocks, go closer and closer to freedom. The outcome is up to you! Either you manage to get out and see freedom or the cold hole takes you prisoner forever.


A few hours after a nuclear disaster. The radiation has not yet reached the city where you live. As you escape you get a sight of a nuclear bunker. Suddenly a huge stone falls off your heart. I am saved – you think. However, the fight for your life is still not over. As you entered the all-important bunker the door closes behind you immediately. There is nothing but darkness and silence here. Or is it? You will have less and less time to find the boot-codes of equipment necessary to stay alive to be completely secure. Running out of air and there are plenty of challenges to bring to life the abandoned bunker.

How to Enter

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