Poznan is a city of about 550,000 people, on the Warta river, in west-central Poland. Famed for it’s lively nightlife and cheap beer, this seemed the perfect destination for four 30 some-things desperately clinging on to their “backpacking” youth. The trip had many highlights, including the ubiquitous cellar bars and quirky night-life on ul.Taczaka Street, the thriving club scene and notably Poznan’s dark restaurant where we unwittingly sampled rooster testicles, maggots and grasshoppers as part of the “bizarre” menu – all in total darkness. Reasonably priced and highly recommended!

But we were here to review Let Me Out Poznan, so here goes…

The journey to an escape room is often said to add to the experience. And I guess, in a way, it did! We were left in the cold pressing the buzzer for a good ten minutes. With hypothermia a distant but real possibility, we crossed the road and had a swift shot in the Dragon SC. Pub to warm up. Back to business then. Resorting to shifts on the buzzer in order to reduce finger numbness, we were finally granted entry only to be chastised for being late. The Poles are refreshingly blunt. We had a choice of two rooms, “Room 1” and “Room 2”, both set within a small apartment. High in confidence (possibly brought about by the shots), we opted for the more difficult of the two rooms.

We had 45 minutes to escape, 15 minutes less than the majority of escape rooms. This was a refection on the size of the room. We were soon down to business, employing our usual haphazard tactic of shifting anything that moves! This swiftly got us in more trouble. Apparently the panes of glass behind the wardrobe, and the heating system aren’t part of the game! Perhaps if we hadn’t have been late, we would have been told this before entering! The game itself was enjoyable, although, like Craig-style-beards, the puzzles were far from revolutionary. We narrowly missed out on completing the game within the allocated time. We would return the next day to try Room 2.

We were a man down for our second escape attempt. Having befriended some of the local student population, Catz had paid the price for trying to keep pace with the younger generation! We left him to his own sly devices, and headed back to the old town for more buzzer antics. To our surprise we were let straight in. Room 2 was similar in size to Room 1 (small!). We found the puzzles to be more enjoyable. Unfortunately a vital piece of the game was left out of the room, so we were left scratching our heads for 20 minutes before the operators realised the piece was missing. Despite this setback, we were only one puzzle away from completing the game – which made for an exciting climax!

Our Rating

The bottom line: A great city, but an average escape experience. Redeemed by the price and location.

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