Magic Cellar @ ExitPoint – Eger, Hungary

Not having planned to do an escape game on our first day in Hungary, the Magic Cellar was a spontaneous choice. Not much of a choice, since it’s the only escape room in the historical town of Eger, however walking past the entrance proved too much to resist. All our previous games had been in teams of three or more, however this time there were just two of us to complete the challenge which piled on the pressure.

On entering we were handed a jacket and torch, creating the impression we were being sent on a mission. We were then ushered into a large cellar, more sparse than other games we have played, meaning there were fewer clues to work on. The help button on the wall produced hints, though these often required verbal follow up to be of any real use. The spooky sound effects and props added to a great atmosphere, with the clues straightforward and clever. At times there was a lot of running back and forth and a pen and paper may have been far more use than a torch! The final part of the game was my favourite as the end was in sight. The theme (which I won’t reveal) was the right mix of fun and creepy, only spoiled slightly by the ‘do not touch’ signs on many of the props.

Our team of 2 proved successful, getting out with around 5 minutes to spare. We were disappointed by the lack of feedback from our game host. As someone who enjoys comparing times/number of clues needed/difficulty level etc., all we got was a smile and a thank you. Despite this, great atmosphere, very reasonably priced, easy to find and fun.

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